Conference Call: Worried about Rask?

Conference Call: Worried about Rask?
January 12, 2014, 10:30 pm
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This week on 'Conference Call' Michael Holley spoke with Insiders, including Joe Haggerty, who has concerns going forward with Tuukka Rask's play as of late.

"Pulled from a couple games after Dennis Seidenberg went down with injury. I think it's a dual concern between the Bruins defense that clearly isn't the same with Dennis Seidenberg taken out of the equation, the defensive warrior.

"And also a goaltender, Tuukka Rask, that's never started more than 39 games in a season. And that shutout against San Jose was start number 36 in this season, so he's aimed right towards a career high in the next few games, and I think the natural wonder is whether some of that fatigue or inconsistency is coming from the work load that he's never really had before. You know, they're paying him the big bucks, 7 million dollars a year, he needs to earn it with games just like that one against the Sharks."

Holley also spoke with Sean McAdam about the Alex Rodriguez suspension, and also A. Sherrod Blakely about the Celtics struggle during their West Coast road trip. Check out the video for more.