Chiarelli: 'Strong possibility' Thomas sits out year


Chiarelli: 'Strong possibility' Thomas sits out year

Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli is going about his job this offseason under the premise that there is a "strong possibility" that Tim Thomas will be taking next season off.

"As of right now I'm operating under the premise that there's a strong possibility that he'll be taking the year off," Chiarelli said in a conference call on Friday. "And we'd have to go about our business without Tim Thomas for the year."

Chiarelli has known about Thomas' desire to sit out for almost a month.

"Tim came to me toward the beginning, middle of May through his agent and said he's seriously considering taking the year off," Chiarelli said. "I think the reasons why, I'm not exactly sure. But he did give some reasons, giving the family, which I obviously respect, spending more time with his family."

Here's how Chiarelli broke down the logistics of what would happen if Thomas were to sit out:

"If he wasn't playing I'd have to suspend him. His cap number would still be on the cap. We would have relief through Marc Savard being on the cap so it would be almost a wash that way. But Thomas would still be on the cap, and that's the way we would proceed through the year."

Though facing the prospect of going without their Vezina-winning goalie, Chiarelli seems to be taking the news in stride.

"These things come up, these things happen," he said. "This is what's happening with Tim right now. We need to deal with it, and we will."

I almost have to operate under the premise that he isn't coming back. I've had some discussions with tim, he's told me he wants to play in the olympics the following year. I'll have some more dis with him later on. two very cap goalies in tuuka and khudobin and i'd be more than satisfied if that's who we have to go with.

Monday, Jan. 15: Matthews jersey sells for big money

Monday, Jan. 15: Matthews jersey sells for big money

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while wondering what Claude Julien would do if one of the Bruins players was running Facebook Live during his postgame comments.
*Auston Matthews is obviously making a huge impression in Toronto as his Centennial Classic jersey sold for over $11,000 at a charity auction.
*Clark Booth knows it’s time to talk about the NFL, but instead he wants to talk about Milt Schmidt. I agree with Clark.

*Sabres goalie Robin Lehner says that his Buffalo teammates need to start doing their job as the season circles down the drain.

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*PHT writer Cam Tucker has more bad news for the Tampa Bay Lightning as Ryan Callahan is going to be out for another four weeks with a lower body injury.
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*Peter Budaj is giving the Kings the saves that they need with Jonathan Quick out long term with injury.
*For something completely different: Tom E. Curran points out some togetherness issues with the Pittsburgh Steelers based on Antonio Brown’s Facebook post.

B's determined to 'keep it going' during good offensive run

B's determined to 'keep it going' during good offensive run

BRIGHTON, Mass. -- The Bruins are going through a nice, little bountiful stretch of offense right now after a half-season of struggle.

The Bruins are averaging more than three goals per game in their last 12 contests, and have scored a whopping 22 goals in their last six games including dropping six scores on the Flyers Saturday afternoon at TD Garden. Combine that with the 7-for-25 performance on the power play during the month of January, and things are finally starting to catch up with a Bruins team that was all shoot/no score for months of frustrating hockey this season.

“If you want sustained success then you have to be good defensively, but you also have to score some goals. That’s definitely part of it and we have to keep it going,” said Patrice Bergeron, who has four goals and eight points in his last nine games after struggling out of the starting gate. “You’re not going to get rewarded every night like we did [against the Flyers], but you have to find that consistency where you’re close to having that every night.”

One thing nobody should expect out of the B’s, however, is to get outside of what they do well now that they’ve started slapping some numbers up on the board. Instead the Bruins are intent on their bedrock of disciplined defense and sensational goaltending with the added offense just making it much tougher to beat them these days.

“I don’t know if we can stand here and say we’re going to sustain that we’re scoring lots of goals. I think what we need to sustain here is winning more games than we lose,” said Claude Julien. “That’s what we’ve got to sustain. Whether it’s a 1-0 or 2-1 game, or it’s a 5-2 or 5-3 game it doesn’t really matter. It’s about winning hockey games much more than it’s about how much you scored, and how much you don’t score.

“Overall when I look at the scoring chances we’re giving up per game, that doesn’t seem to have changed. Goals allowed may have changed a little bit lately, but overall I think we’ve been very steady in that area [of defense].”

So now the Bruins will again be looking for that ideal balance of offense/defense when they take the ice against the Islanders on Monday afternoon for their second straight matinee at TD Garden.