Chara, Pacioretty square off in IIHF


Chara, Pacioretty square off in IIHF

Zdeno Chara and the rest of the Slovakian national team faced off against the United States in the IIHF World Championships on Monday.

After the Slovaks beat the Yanks, handshakes between the teams followed, which meant that the Bruins captain and Habs forwardMax Pacioretty came face to face. And if the pictures are to be believed, the two are still not best friends.

Back in 2011, Pacioretty suffered a concussion and a fractured vertebrae as the result ofthisdevastating hit by Chara.

Pacioretty has said in the past that he forgives Chara for the hit, but by the looks of things the relationship isn't all that warm and fuzzy.

For what it's worth, Slovakia defeated the United States, 3-2, improving to 1-2 in the tournament.

Tim Thomas ranked one of top 40 goalies on very weird list

Tim Thomas ranked one of top 40 goalies on very weird list

The NHL Network is terrific. Its programming is the best of any of the four major sports leagues’ channels, its talent is outstanding and it shows a lot of cool games across various leagues.  

Players mess up though. 

In the network’s recently released ranking of the 40 best goaltenders of all time, the Bruins were well-represented, but so too was insanity. We’re talking Jonathan Quick in the top 20 (No. 16!), Marc-Andre Fleury top 25 (No. 21!) and Corey Crawford top 30 (No. 26!). Those are just a few of the head-scratchers. 

Tim Thomas was one of seven Bruins on the list, coming in at No. 27. Other Bruins ranked were Bernie Parent (No. 12), Frank Brimsek (No. 23), Rogie Vachon (No. 25), Tiny Thompson (No. 28), Gerry Cheevers (No. 29), Andy Moog (No. 36). Here's the full list, per Mark Lazerus. 

Statistically, Tuukka Rask deserves a place on this list if Fleury and Crawford are going to be that high, but we’ll save the Rask arguments for literally every other second of my life. 

[OK, real quick: Rask has the highest career save percentage of all time. Quick sits No. 17 and Fleury is 32nd. This doesn’t need to be completely statistics based, but it also shouldn’t be completely how-many-Cup-teams-were-on-based. Honestly, I can’t tell what this list is based on at all. Like Cristobal Huet had a better career save percentage than Fleury has.]

Anyway, everyone else hated the list, too.