Chara finishes third in Norris Trophy voting

Chara finishes third in Norris Trophy voting
June 21, 2012, 12:40 am
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LAS VEGAS, NV Zdeno Chara had, by some accounts, a career statistical year in terms of offensive production and plusminus, but it wasnt enough to carry him to his second Norris Trophy.
Instead Ottawa Senators youngster Erik Karlsson became the youngest defenseman to capture the Norris Trophy since a 20-year-old Bobby Orr took home the best defensemen honors in 1968. The Swedish defenseman edged out Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber by 12 votes in an incredibly close race, and Chara finished a distant third with fewer than half of the number of first place votes (32-to-66) earned by Karlsson.
The argument against Karlsson included his very limited amount of ice time on the penalty kill and his lack of defensive grit given the demands of his position, but it proved impossible to ignore the 78-point season enjoyed by the Sens defenseman in 81 games last season.
Chara and Weber are the kind of players that have been around a long time and theyve been here before, said Karlsson. Theyve been good for a number of years and they both had terrific seasons. I dont think I even have an understanding of what it takes to be great for that long.
They are great. I have a whole lot of respect for them as hockey players. They do it and they do it every night. They are game-changers both of them.
Karlsson finished with 1,069 votes, Weber finished with 1,057 votes and Chara wrapped it up with 950 votes in third place.