Chara crowned by NHL as having hardest shot in NHL history


Chara crowned by NHL as having hardest shot in NHL history

You can probably file this under the Duh category, but Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara was crowned as owner of the hardest slap shot in NHL history according to this week.

The 6-foot-9 Bruins Captain has won five straight hardest shot competitions and has set records at each of the last two NHL All-Star Skills Competitions including a ridiculous 108.8 mph slapper in Ottawa last January. Hes a Stanley Cup champion, an Olympian for his native Slovakia, a perennial All-Star and a Norris Trophy winner.

He is one of the best defensemen in the NHL during his era, but the casual fan knows him more for his NBA height and his radar gun-friendly slap shot than for anything else. says that until someone dethrones him, he is the reigning top gun in the NHL, but it goes beyond that.

Chara is the NHLs all-time top gun until the next skyscraper-sized hockey player comes along to impress everybody with his feats of strength like the Bs defenseman has in classic circus strongman form. Fellow NHL peers Shea Weber, Steve Stamkos and Sheldon Souray are the other current players who grace the top-10 list of hardest shooters, and most NHL fans will remember names like Al Iafrate, Al McInnis and Bobby Hull that dot the catalogue of great hockey slap shooters an art that has taken a bit of a different turn in an era of composite sticks and shot-blocking defenders dressed in suits of protective armor.

Weber has perennially finished in second place to Chara during the Hardest Shot competitions at All-Star weekend, and actually ratcheted up to 106-mph in Ottawa before eventually falling once again to the Bs defenders record-breaking, screaming slapper.

Hull, of course, had a legendary bomb of a shot and takes the No. 2 spot behind Chara in the list of all-time slap shooters.