B's turn Belichickian on Bergeron injury

B's turn Belichickian on Bergeron injury
June 22, 2013, 11:15 pm
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The Bruins are being tight-lipped -- to the max -- about the injury that sent Patrice Bergeron to the hospital in the third period Saturday night.

Bergeron played only 49 seconds in the second period, pulling himself off the ice in the middle of his second -- and, as it turned out, final -- shift of the period. He didn't return to the bench for the start of the third period, and the Bruins soon confirmed multiple media reports that Bergeron had been taken to a local hospital via ambulance. Bergeron was spotted by several reporters walking to the ambulance, and a film clip of the ambulance pulling out of the United Center showed Bergeron sitting up in the back.

But try getting the Bruins to even confirm that much.

"No update," said coach Claude Julien. "He's getting evaluated right now, so there's not much I can say on the situation."

When asked if he could disclose when Bergeron suffered the injury, he replied: "No, not really. It's just an injury that wasn't able to let him finish the game. He may be in next game, so I'm not going there."

And when asked if the injury had originally occurred prior to Game 5, an exasperated Julien cut off the questioner by saying: "Guys, I'm not going there. . . I'll update you when I have an update. I don't have any more information than, probably, you guys do right now."

That's clearly not true -- Julien obviously knows a) what the injury is, b) when it occurred and c) must have at least an idea of how serious it is -- but the Bruins aren't even going the vague "upper body/lower body" route.

Bill Belichick would be proud.

But one thing the B's -- or at least the players -- will say is how much Bergeron means to them.

"We really need him," said David Krejci.

"You don't replace him," said Tuukka Rask.