Bruins well-represented in skills competition


Bruins well-represented in skills competition

OTTAWA The NHL All-Star Skills competitions have been announced, and theres obviously a strong Bruins contingent on Team Chara planned for the Saturday events at Scotiabank Place.

Zdeno Chara headlines it while vying for his fifth consecutive win in the Blackberry Hardest Shot Competition after setting a new record with a 105.9-mph slapper in Carolina last year, and Tyler Seguin will take part in the Canadian Tire Shooting Accuracy competition. Chara will take part in the G Series Skills Challenge Relay, and both Seguin and Tim Thomas will be in the Tim Hortons Elimination Shootout all to take place on Saturday.

Everything is going to be really good. Im sure guys will be trying to show some new tricks and new moves, said Chara, who along with Joffrey Lupul selected the players and what events theyll be taking part in. Im going to try to do my best like I do every year. Its going to be hard.

There are so many guys that shoot the puck hard. Its challenging. I like to be in that position. I would like to win it again, but if it doesnt happen then it doesnt happen.

Seguin was texting back and forth with Chara on Friday afternoon as the Bs captain constructed the skills competition roster, and he said that his event changed a couple of different times before Chara settled on him for the shooting accuracy. The Elimination Shootout is under a different set of rules than it was last year, but Seguin said he was really along for the ride after his captain strung him along this afternoon.

I texted Zee and asked him Do you know what Im doing? and he texted me back and said the hardest shot and then he said the fastest skater, said Seguin. Then he said forget it youre just going to do absolutely everything so I said okay.

The worst news about the skills competition: Thomas wont be taking part in the fastest skater competition in the goalie category after his entertaining tumble while circling behind the net last season.

Tim Thomas ranked one of top 40 goalies on very weird list

Tim Thomas ranked one of top 40 goalies on very weird list

The NHL Network is terrific. Its programming is the best of any of the four major sports leagues’ channels, its talent is outstanding and it shows a lot of cool games across various leagues.  

Players mess up though. 

In the network’s recently released ranking of the 40 best goaltenders of all time, the Bruins were well-represented, but so too was insanity. We’re talking Jonathan Quick in the top 20 (No. 16!), Marc-Andre Fleury top 25 (No. 21!) and Corey Crawford top 30 (No. 26!). Those are just a few of the head-scratchers. 

Tim Thomas was one of seven Bruins on the list, coming in at No. 27. Other Bruins ranked were Bernie Parent (No. 12), Frank Brimsek (No. 23), Rogie Vachon (No. 25), Tiny Thompson (No. 28), Gerry Cheevers (No. 29), Andy Moog (No. 36). Here's the full list, per Mark Lazerus. 

Statistically, Tuukka Rask deserves a place on this list if Fleury and Crawford are going to be that high, but we’ll save the Rask arguments for literally every other second of my life. 

[OK, real quick: Rask has the highest career save percentage of all time. Quick sits No. 17 and Fleury is 32nd. This doesn’t need to be completely statistics based, but it also shouldn’t be completely how-many-Cup-teams-were-on-based. Honestly, I can’t tell what this list is based on at all. Like Cristobal Huet had a better career save percentage than Fleury has.]

Anyway, everyone else hated the list, too.