Bruins react to Alzner's 'cry baby' routine


Bruins react to Alzner's 'cry baby' routine

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Still basking in the afterglow of a solid Game 3 victory on the road in Washington, the Bruins had themselves a good laugh at the "cry baby" routine of Karl Alzner in the third period of Monday night's game.

Milan Lucic had been cross-checked in the back by Dennis Wideman as a puck was frozen by Braden Holtby, and the B's power forward was held back by Matt Hendricks and Alzner as he went after his former B's teammate. It took two Caps players and a referee to peel Lucic out of the pile, but that's when Alzner started the "cry baby" routine.

He put his gloves up to his eyes like he was wiping tears away from them as an incensed Lucic was escorted to the penalty box. Less than a minute later, Zdeno Chara pounded in the game-winning goal and the Bruins tasted sweet victory.

All the Bruins agreed that an enraged Lucic was one of the keys to victory last night. Most wondered exactly what Alzner was trying to say.

"I still don't even know what he was doing there to be honest with you . . . sorry," said Andrew Ference.

One thing was a dead-red certainty, however. Lucic is no cry baby and teammate Chris Kelly took it one step further.

"I don't think he's ever cried. I don't think Lucic cried as a baby," he said, smiling. "I think he came out angry. I think he came out with an attitude."

Alzner may find out exactly what kind of attitude when the Bruins and Capitals suit up for Game 4 at the Verizon Center on Thursday night.