Bruins not looking for "saviors" at trade deadline

Bruins not looking for "saviors" at trade deadline
March 30, 2013, 2:00 am
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Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli has indicated that he still intends to net at least a forward and a defenseman ahead of the April 3 NHL trade deadline. It’s highly unlikely that it will be a household name with Jarome Iginla off to Pittsburgh and Marty St. Louis staying put in Tampa Bay.

Perhaps Jaromir Jagr still qualifies at his advanced hockey age, but there’s only so much a team like the Bruins could expect from the Czech legend on the wrong side of 40 years old. Whether the Bruins swallow some cash to bring in a quality defenseman like Dan Boyle or Jay Bouwmeester or make peace on a deal for a broken down warrior like Ryan Clowe, it might not be the perfect solution for what ails the Black and Gold.

Then again how much exactly is ailing the Black and Gold? How much should Boston’s players expect one or two new names to come into the fold and magically improve their situation?

“Our team is no different than it was a couple of days [ago] and the expectations haven’t changed,” said Andrew Ference. “What we expect of ourselves hasn’t changed. If something gets added then it gets added, but we have what we have right now. We have a great team.

“We fully believe in our ability to win and that hasn’t changed. It’s as simple as that.”

Instead Bruins coach Claude Julien hopes his current roster of players look within themselves for the solutions to consistency issues that have nagged at Boston during the entire season. There are still uncharacteristic defensive breakdowns and inconsistencies on offense that put pressure on the rest of their game.

Julien said there is no “savior” that’s going to come riding in on a magnificent white steed and suddenly wave all of Boston’s problem areas away.

“Peter is always trying to improve our team and he’s still trying to do that,” said Julien. “But one guy isn’t going to be a savior. That’s what he’s probably trying to so. No matter who we get we’re not going to be sitting back and watching this guy go.

“We still need to do the job. That’s what we need to know right now. At one point we were 14-2 with this same lineup, so it’s about finding our game and getting that confidence that we had. Then it’s going to come back.”

It seems like it’s been months since anybody has seen that powerhouse Bruins team collecting wins left, right and center, and perhaps they were never really that dominant this year to begin with. But most of the B’s players seemed perfectly content to head into the April stretch run and the playoffs with the same roster that’s been grinding away in this shortened 48-game schedule.

They also seemed perfectly willing to embrace new teammates if Chiarelli and Co. could find the right fits both upfront and on the back line.

But none of the incoming players will be able to provide answers for a Bruins team that needs to simply peer in the mirror to cure the minor ailments currently nagging at them. There’s only 1/3 of the regular season left over the next month and it’s time for the Black and Gold to start sprinting no matter who is in their lineup after April 3.