Bruins clicking going into the playoffs


Bruins clicking going into the playoffs

Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli feels good about the state of the Bruins headed into the playoffs.

The Bruins ended the season on 9-2-1 tear, and that was what caught his eye the most. But the Bs general manager did voice some puzzlement at the extreme ups and downs of the regular season. The Bruins tumbled out of the gate to a 3-7 start, caught fire in November and December as the NHLs best team and then floated in mediocrity until their mid-March burst.

But the bottom line for a bottom-line guy like Chiarelli was this: the Bruins appear primed for their postseason battle with the Washington Capitals and are in relatively good standing from a health and talent perspective. Sure Nathan Horton looks like hes done for the postseason and both Adam McQuaid and Johnny Boychuk are a little banged up, but the rest of the Black and Gold are battle-hardened after capturing their third Northeast Division title in four years.

We knew we were facing some challenges this year. We took every effort to try and deal with them in advance and prepare for them in advance. Whether we addressed them or not, we got through the season and Im satisfied, said Chiarelli. The season itself felt really like three different seasons, the start, the great stretch and the mediocrity in the middle.

The good finish is what Ive grown accustomed to so I dont put that as an additional part. Those kinds of lines were drawn into segments. It seems whenever I describe a season I always talk about ups-and-downs, so thats part of what happens in the season. We certainly saw that this year. I was very happy to see our last, eight or nine games where I felt the group players and coaches really bared down and paid attention to detail. We were able to focus on getting the momentum and I feel weve captured that. Right through the lineup I see guys clicking. All seasons are up and down unless you have some record-breaking season. Im satisfied that we got through it and we are where we are now.

How satisfied?

That remains to be seen based on where the Bruins postseason journey ends for them this spring.