Blue Jackets' Nash to Boston? Keep dreaming


Blue Jackets' Nash to Boston? Keep dreaming

Last year it was widely reported that the Boston Bruins was one of the teams Rick Nash was willing to accept a trade to if the Columbus Blue Jackets found a return to their liking, and that hasnt changed over the last five months.

The Bruins are still one of the six teams the disgruntled Blue Jackets superstar would agree to play for should a trade actually happen, but there are several stumbling blocks that will keep the 28-year-old from ever donning the Black and Gold. Beyond the purely obvious game plan that Bs GM Peter Chiarelli has mapped out to keep his core of Bruins players together after they won a Cup two seasons ago, there are some other very good reasons.

According to hockey sources, Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson continues to insist on the best and brightest from teams interested in Nash. The price for the Bruins has been constant and unappetizing: either Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton or Milan Lucic and Hamilton as the centerpieces for a Nash deal.

It amounts to a treasure trove of hockey talent, and its a price that teams like the Rangers and Flyers have balked at over the last month as Columbus attempts to deal their franchise player. Yes, Nash has scored 40 goals twice during his career and has racked up All-Star appearances as a 6-foot-4, 216-pound prototypical power forward with a strong offensive bent.

But last years 30 goals and 59 points were Nashs worst offensive totals since 2006-07, and hes managed to appear in only a smattering of playoff games during a career stuck in Columbus.

Nash also isnt the kind of physical presence that Lucic provides for the Bruins, and the Blue Jackets star also appears to be on the downslide of his career. Seguin and Hamilton should both be considered untouchable by the Bruins, and neither Boston rising star would be included in a Nash deal. Its conceivable that Seguin could mature into a better scorer than Nash over the next two or three seasons, and Hamilton would have been the No. 1 overall pick in this years draft based on his junior hockey season in Niagara.

Above and beyond the price in players, the Bruins wouldnt be interested in the 7.8 million price tag for Nash over the next six years either.

It makes much more sense for the Bruins to get involved in the Bobby Ryan trade talks with Anaheim for a big, talented offensive winger with a much lower price tag in terms of trade costs and salary owed. Anaheim wants a No. 2 center as the centerpiece of the deal, and David Krejci would be a nice fit if the Bruins and Ducks can come to an agreement on a deal.

But those wishing for Nash in Black and Gold are continuing to push forward an NHL pipe dream that really has no shot of happening.