Amonte 'worried' about B's Cup chances

Amonte 'worried' about B's Cup chances
April 22, 2013, 12:45 am
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The Bruins are currently the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference, but there still seems to be some issues with them.

Mike Felger and Tony Amonte discuss on CSNNE's Cross Check, but the two have different approached for the remainder of the season.

"They need to get better as a team, so if that means playing everybody right up to that last game, I think they've got to do it," Amonte said.

Felger disagrees. "Shut them down. It's time to start shutting everybody down," he said.

The Bruins have had trouble with the Penguins and Canadiens this season, so being the No. 2 seed would prevent them from playing Pittsburgh until the Conference Finals, if they got there.

Amonte was asked about the B's Cup hopes.

"I'm worried right now," he said. "The two things that worry me right now are Montreal and Pittsburgh when you speak of the Boston Bruins. They've had hard times with these two teams. The longer they can avoid them, and hopefully one of two of them will be knocked out, the Bruins will have a better shot. All in all, they're not the team they were a couple years ago."