Amonte: Should the Bruins rest Chara?

Amonte: Should the Bruins rest Chara?
March 3, 2014, 12:45 am
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Zdeno Chara has not looked like his normal dominant self lately.

He's made some uncharacteristic mistakes and turnovers, and finds himself on the ice far too often when goals are scored on the Bruins.

So, what gives? Mike Felger and Tony Amonte discuss on Postgame Live.

"I think he's looked a little slow," Amonte said. "And I think it was tonight again you saw him look just a little off. I don't know if his timing's not there right now, if he's not there mentally or physically, he's just starting to wear down with this long season. If he is tired, that's not a great sign for the Boston Bruins."

March is extremely busy. The Bruins play a total of 17 games in the month, which means they have 15 more to go. Felger throws out sitting/resting Chara for some time.

Amonte is on board with that to a point.

"I think that's the solution if they can bring in another piece to win hockey games down the stretch," Amonte said.

Felger wonders why it matters if they win a lot of games. Amonte lets him know.

"You don't want to limp into the playoffs," Amonte said. "No team wants to go into the playoffs not playing at their best. It seems that the teams that can succeed are the teams that are consistent, can play a smart game, and can do it down the stretch and into the regular season, and keep that going into the playoffs."