Amonte: 'Horton has altered game since concussion'

Amonte: 'Horton has altered game since concussion'
May 7, 2013, 10:45 pm
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Like many of his teammates, Nathan Horton underachieved in the NHL regular season. He also was injured for part of it.

But Horton is back for the postseason and playing the best hockey of the season. He's got three goals and an assist in three games, and is a plus-five in the series.

Tony Amonte sat down with Gary Tanguay on CSNNE's Sports Tonight to talk about Horton's play as of late, and how he has changed the way he played since he was concussed in the Stanley Cup finals a couple seasons ago.

"His game has really altered, I will say that, from before the concussion against the Vancouver Canucks, and now after," Amonte said. "He's altered his game a little bit. He's not as ferocious in the corners as he was before, protects himself a lot more, makes sure he's not putting himself in bad positions to get hit. But all in all he's a goal scorer, he knows where to put the puck, he knows how to get it in the back of the net, I don't have any qualms with the way he's been playing. He shows up at the right time and that's everything in life, we know that."

Whatever Horton changed, it appears to be working at least for now. It also helps that the stakes are as high as they are, and there's every reason in the world to play at the top of his game. Amonte played 18 years in the NHL, and plenty of postseasons too. He knows that in the regular season, there's a lot of self motivation involved. In the postseason, none of that is really needed.

"In the playoffs it just seems to come more natural," Amonte said. "You can feel the atmosphere, you can feel the fans, you get around the rink, you can just feel it inside. And that's the motivation at that time of year. But not only are you motivated, everyone else is too, you know what I mean? That's why the level is elevated so high."

Check out the video for more, including Tuukka talk.