Amonte: Bruins got worn down over series

Amonte: Bruins got worn down over series
June 25, 2013, 1:00 am
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The Bruins defense breaks down in the final minutes of Game 6, which becomes the clincher for Chicago. The Blackhawks come away with a stunning, 3-2 victory and the skate out of Boston with the Stanley cup.

Tony Amonte and Michael Felger on Postgame Live were just about as shocked as everyone else.

"Just a little bit of a breakdown defensively," Amonte said of the final two goals, which came in a span of 17 seconds.  "The game-winner was a great tip-in from the high slot by Dave Bolland. Kids, you see him leave the back of the net, go to the front of the net...That's a freebie right there."

Amonte said fatigue was a factor in the Bruins' collapse.

"Too much speed [for Chicago], not enough rest [for the Bruins]. I think the Boston Bruins just got worn down in this series.

Check out the attached video for the complete discussion.