Belichick touchingly remembers Myra Kraft


Belichick touchingly remembers Myra Kraft

After the Patriots' Week 16 win over the Dolphins, the New England locker room celebrated in a way different from any of their other 12 wins this season.

The team presented owner Robert Kraft with a painting of Patriots players huddling up and a large "MHK" in the center. The letters stood Myra Hiatt Kraft, Kraft's wife who passed away soon before the season began. The Patriots have dedicated their season to Myra Kraft and wear MHK patches on their uniforms.

Bill Belichick was asked about the scene in the locker room when Robert was presented with the painting.

"It was given to Robert by all the players and coaches on the football team," Belichick told WEEI's Big Show. "Everybody contributed equally to that. It was kind of commissioned by a couple of our players to have it painted, a special painting obviously in commemoration of her, to give to him as a token, a gesture from this team, which is a special team because it's the year that it happened.

"That he would have that from all of us -- I thought it was a great idea. A couple of the players brought it to me. We talked about it. We brought it up with the team. Team was fully supportive of it. Fortunately we were able to beat Miami and present it to him in a joyous locker room setting."

Belichick got emotional as he was asked about Robert's reaction. Was Kraft surprised?

"Think so," Belichick said.

Did Kraft get emotional

"Yeah I'd say that's accurate," Belichick said softly.

Myra Kraft wasn't the biggest proponent of her husband buying the Patriots when he did, but she eventually became a devoted football fan.

"She was always the first one i saw coming out of the locker room," Belichick said. "I would see her outside the locker room, prior to going into the postgame press conference. She was always right there, very supportive."

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