Belichick gives Red Sox pre-game talk


Belichick gives Red Sox pre-game talk

It's no secret: The Red Sox need to turn the page from 2011. Badly.

Who better to talk to the team about moving forward than Bill Belichick? He's Mr. It Is What It Is, the world's most reluctant rehasher, the man whose gaze is constantly focused on the week ahead and nothing else?

Bobby Valentine brought in the Patriots head coach to address the team at Fort Myers before their game on Tuesday night.

"I think he used a little reference to when things dont go right, you can turn the page," Valentine said after the game. "New years are new years, make the best of them that you can make.

"He follows our team. It's not like he just dropped out of Mars to say, 'Hey how you doing?' He kind of gets it.''

Valentine left tickets for Belichick after Belichick explained that he was in the area and looking to see the game. Valentine and Belichick have known each other since Valentine was with the Mets and Belichick was with the Jets so it didn't take a whole lot of convincing to get Belichick to talk to the team before the game.

Belichick is an avid baseball fan and very good friends with former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa. He wore a La Russa jersey as he walked through the Patriots locker room one day during the World Series to show his support.

Belichick was close with Terry Francona and sorry to see him leave the Red Sox, but he was also excited for Valentine to get the managing gig at Fenway.

"Love Bobby. Great guy," Belichick said soon after hearing Valentine got the Red Sox job. "Great baseball guy. Love to talk to him. He's got a lot of energy.

"Don't get me wrong, I love Terry Francona. I had a great relationship with Bobby in New York. I went to several Mets games and stuff like that, watched Keyshawn Johnson throw out the opening pitch and all that. Bobby is a wonderful guy. I look forward to catching up with him and seeing him here."

On Tuesday night Belichick sat in the front row behind the screen and stayed for six innings.

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