Would missed playoff be a disappointment?

Would missed playoff be a disappointment?
August 17, 2013, 2:30 pm
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The Red Sox are playing meaningful baseball in August. That makes this season a success, right?

Greg Dickerson and Dan Shaughnessy believe this season is already a success in comparison to the last two seasons.  

"That's why this is the house money." said Shaughnessy, "They have achieved their goal for the season already. The rest is gravy."

Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam doesn't feel the same way.

"I'm not sure if I go along with that." said Sean McAdam, "I think that having occupied first place for almost all of the first four and a half months, that if they don't make the playoffs people will not say, 'well, they took the step forward.'"

"I think falling short of any postseason game will mark, in most fans' minds, this season a disappointment."

If the Red Sox don't make the playoffs this season, would you consider it a disappointment?