World Series Game 5: Sunday's pickoff was quite the call

World Series Game 5: Sunday's pickoff was quite the call
October 28, 2013, 5:15 pm
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It's about 18 hours old, so, honest, this is the last we'll talk of the strange ending to Game 4 on Sunday night. But it's hard to resist.

This is Cardinal announcer Mike Shannon, on KMOX Radio (click to here the entire play):

Shannon: "The first baseman, Napoli, holds against the runner. Why, I do not know. (Laughs) Why would they be holding? (Laughs again) That's silly. Here's a throw over and he's . . . picked off. He picked him off. Unbelievable. The Cardinal pinch-runner, Wong, is picked off and Boston wins the game, 4-2. A rookie mistake."

Shannon's partner: "That's why they were holding."

Shannon: "Exactly right. The only reason they could have been holding. And what Wong was doing, I have no idea. His run didn't mean anything. He's picked off and Boston wins this game, 4-2."

Strange thing is, I agree with Shannon. I wouldn't have held Wong, either. Thankfully, though, I wasn't giving my opinion into a microphone before Koji Uehara threw over.

Now, some news and notes leading into Game 5, courtesy of the Red Sox' P.R. department:

-- Junichi Tazawa has set a single-year Red Sox franchise record with 12 appearances in this postseason.

-- Koji Uehara's Game 4 save, his first of the World Series, was his sixth of the postseason, extending the single-year Red Sox record for saves in a postseason. Jonathan Papelbon held the previous record of four, set in 2007.

-- In Game 4, Jonny Gomes became the fourth Red Sox batter this postseason to hit a go-ahead homer in the sixth inning or later. The others are Mike Napoli (ALCS, Game 3), Shane Victorino (ALCS, Game 6) and David Ortiz (World Series, Game 2).

-- The only other team to have at least four players accomplish that feat in four different games of a single postseason was the 1995 Braves, with had five players do it.