Will losing the ALDS be a disappointment?

Will losing the ALDS be a disappointment?
September 21, 2013, 4:15 pm
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One year ago, did anybody think the Red Sox would be talking about the playoffs?

The Baseball Show panel discussed whether or not it would be a disappointment if the Red Sox were to lose in the ALDS.

Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam believes everything past this point should be considered as a bonus for the Red Sox.

"I guess it's not, 'who cares' but I think a more concise way, or apt way of putting it is, 'it's all gravy from here.'" said McAdam

Bob Neumeier didn't agree.

"I would not agree with that." said Neumeier, "I think if they lost in the first round, it would be a huge disappointment.  Only because they won so many games.

"I think if they lose in the ALCS to Detroit or something, I'd say, 'hey, tip my cap.' If they get blown out by Tampa or Cleveland, that will be a huge disappointment."

Dan Shaughnessy agrees with Neumeier, saying the expectations have now been raised for the team.

"I think there will be regional disappointment if the team doesn't get out of the first round." added Shaughnessy, "It's teed up for them is such a good way.  This team has not lost four games in a row, people who are just getting on board right now are expecting, 'hey, they are probably going to the World Series' or whatnot."