Why is Farrell insisting Buchholz will pitch Game 4?

Why is Farrell insisting Buchholz will pitch Game 4?
October 26, 2013, 1:30 am
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The Red Sox say Clay Buchholz is pitching Game 4. That's John Farrell's guy. Farrell's made that abundantly clear. Yes sir. No doubt. 

Yet it's clear to anyone who has seen Buchholz throw over the last few days that something is not right. Not even close. No doubt.

"I know what my eye saw yesterday," said Lou Merloni on The Baseball Show. "[Buchholz] went out there and was just so uncomfortable... watching him throw a baseball... it was like less than 50%."

Is it possible Farrell is trying to engage in a little gamesmanship and force the Cardinals to prepare for a pitcher they're unlikely to face?

Perhaps, but Marc Bertrand thinks Farrell's true motive is to light a fire under Buchholz himself. 

"This to me is [Farrell] trying to send a message to Buchholz that you need to do everything you possibly can to have a chance to play on Sunday night," said Bertrand. "No matter what it is that you can provide us with. We want you pitching.

"I don't think John Farrell thinks the guy's gunna pitch..."

Suddenly things don't seem so certain.