Why are Red Sox attendance numbers still down?

Why are Red Sox attendance numbers still down?
August 29, 2013, 9:00 pm
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The year 2013 has been a pretty good one for the Red Sox, one that has re-energized the Boston faithful behind its favorite ballclub.

Excitement has not led to more butts in the seats though.

As John Tomase detailed in the Boston Herald, Red Sox fans are not showing up to Fenway or bringing the noise nearly to the amount they did just a decade ago. 

That might seem perplexing with the lovable squad this season, but Tomase, on "Uno Sports Tonight," detailed why the fan support for the Sox is slightly lagging. 

"Let's first be reasonable about it, certainly there are fans, there are over 30,000 a night here, but for those of us who were here 10 years ago, it's not the same," Tomase said. "The thing I keep coming back to is star power…this team right now has David Ortiz, who is the one truly recognizable superstar, Dustin Pedroia is probably a notch below that and then they have a lot of very good new players that I think fans just don't know well enough yet."

"So you don't have that guy, those couple of guys that it's appointment viewing, where you put down whatever you're eating when they come to the plate and I think that might be as big a part of it as anything." 

That may put ownership's whole strategy into question. They were the ones, after all, who unloaded three huge stars with superstar-sized contracts.  

Whatever the case, Tomase is not too concerned. Maybe the superstars are lacking, but as long as the team keep up the winning, he believes the fans will slowly start to trickle back.

"I think another explanation for this could simply be that it takes more than a few months to win people back. So many people were turned off over the last year and a half, maybe it takes a year or two for them to come back," Tomase said. "But I got to think, if they keep playing this brand of baseball and they keep winning the way they have and they carry that into next year, the fans will return the way we remember them."