Is Uehara the most important player for the Sox?

Is Uehara the most important player for the Sox?
September 2, 2013, 10:45 pm
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Koji Uehara has certainly been a surprise for the Red Sox this season.

The crew of the Show discuss the importance of Koji Uehara to the 2013 Red Sox.

Chris Gasper believes the 38-year-old closer is the most valuable player on the team.

"Because I think there is nothing that will undermine the confidence of a baseball team than not being able to finish off a game you're ahead in." said Gasper, "He's been lights out in twenty-four, scoreless innings now.  He's really saved them in a role that they really wouldn't have anyone else to go to."

Trenni Kusnierek admits that she was skeptical when Uehara was taking over as the Red Sox closer.

"If we are going to have an 'Eat Your Words Award,' I take back everything I said at one point about Koji Uehara." said Trenni Kusnierek, "I was not sold… only because at that point it was a small sample size, they weren't closing out games with anybody prior to him, he hadn't done it in a while, his thirty-eight years old.  He has far exceeded my expectations."

Would you consider Koji Uehara the Red Sox MVP this season?