Tanguay: Farrell not prepared for N.L. game

Tanguay: Farrell not prepared for N.L. game
October 27, 2013, 1:00 am
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They don't make them much stranger than this one. A back-and-forth game that the Sox somehow managed to climb back into not once, but twice. Questionable decisions about the use of pitchers. A game ending on an obstruction call.

Gary Tanguay and Tony Massarotti break down the madness.

"Obviously [John Farrell] wasn't prepared to manage a National League game because he burned his bench early, should Doubront have stayed in the game, pinch-hitting Gomes without anybody on, so forth and so on," says Gary Tanguay.   

But it's not all on Farrell. Mazz points out a common denominator between the losses in Games 2 and 3.

"This is now the second straight game the Red Sox have given away with their inability to throw the ball to third base."

In both games, Jarrod Saltalamacchia was involved in the game-altering play. On Saturday, he threw the ball away. In Game 2, he wasn't able to handle Jonny Gomes' throw to the plate and it led to Craig Breslow throwing the ball away.  
Which leads Tanguay to ask, "what about [David] Ross?"
Farrell has opted to stick with Salty despite a lengthy slump and despite the fact that Ross has impressed when given the opportunity to play. 
"You could argue that it's a decision that has really cost them a couple of games," says Massarotti.
Is there any question that Ross would seem to be the logical starter for Game 4?