Take your pick: Who's Sox third baseman?

Take your pick: Who's Sox third baseman?
August 9, 2013, 12:15 am
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Our "Uno Sports Tonight" crew of Gary Tanguay, Greg Dickerson, Marc "The Beetle" Bertrand and Steve Buckley plays another game of "Take Your Pick" where they give their take on, first off, who will be the Sox starting third baseman in the playoffs?

The options are current Red Sox Brock Holt or Brandon Snyder, or the more intriguing Pawtucket combo of Xander Bogaerts or Will Middlebrooks?

After the panel dismissed Holt and Snyder, Bertrand said Bogaerts was his pick.

"I want to see Bogaerts," he said. "I want to see what this kid can do."

Buckley agreed: "I think this kid is the future," he said.

Tanguay asked, "What are they waiting for?"

According to his Pawtucket manager, Gary DiSarcina, Bogaerts needs to "marinate" a little more at Triple-A.

Any love for Middlebrooks?

"My only concern is I don't think he's in a slump," Buckley said of the former replacement for Kevin Youkilis with the Red Sox. "I just don't think he can hit major league pitching."

Take your pick No. 2: Which AFC team should scare the Patriots the most?

Buckley went with the Broncos because of the Wes Welker factor. Beetle likes Denver, too, but doesn't want to rule out perennial contenders the Ravens and Steelers.

And finally, pick No. 3: Which wide receiver needs to "get over" his old team, Welker or ex-Packer-now-Viking Greg Jennings?

Bertrand said that's any easy one.

"Jennings," he said. "He said he was brainwashed by the Packers, please."