Sox say Buchholz will start as scheduled on Sunday

Sox say Buchholz will start as scheduled on Sunday
October 24, 2013, 6:45 pm
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BOSTON -- The Red Sox believe Clay Buchholz will make his scheduled start in Game 4 in St. Louis Sunday, despite some skepticism by Buchholz himself Wednesday night.

Buchholz said he was experiencing tightness in the shoulder of late and had been undergoing treatment and tests on his right shoulder this week. He added that "if it does come down to the wire and I'm going to run out there and not help the team win, there's no reason for me to go out there."

But the Sox aren't making contingency plans for Sunday.

"It depends on who's used the next two [games]," said Farrell. "We've
got multiple guys down there [in the bullpen] that can go multiple innings -- [Ryan] Dempster being one, [Felix] Doubront another. If we have to piece it together, we'll adjust accordingly. But to say that we're going to have a guy standing there, warming up beside Clay . . . no, we're not at that point."

In the event that Buchholz can't go Sunday, the process is removing Buchholz from the World Series roster and replacing him with another pitcher is not a simple one.

In the Division Series and League Championship Series, rules stipulate that a player taken off the roster because of injury is ineligible for the next round. But because there is no next round after the World Series, MLB makes the process more problematic.

"Typically, when a player's injured," said Farrell, "it's because they've been hurt inside that series. If it's not something that's currently taking place, there's got to be some documentation along the way that there's something going on here. It's even subjective to that point, and how deep do they examine the case. Will they allow a change? We don't know that.

"Once the roster's submitted (at the start of the series), everyone is under the assumption that everyone is healthy, everyone is full-go. Then there has to be an event inside that series that would indicate otherwise."