Schilling: I suffered heart attack in 2011

Schilling: I suffered heart attack in 2011
August 11, 2013, 8:00 am
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Curt Schilling suffered a heart attack in 2011 and believes it was at least partly caused by the pressures of his failing 38 Studios enterprise, the ex-Red Sox pitcher told the Boston Globe.

"[The heart attack] was a decent one,” Schilling said in a story published Sunday. "It’s not something . . . I had one, and it was dealt with . . .

'Outside of, like, personal family — losing my dad — it was the most devastating thing I’ve ever gone through and it’s still something I’m trying to bounce back from."

Schilling was 21 when his father died of a massive stroke in front of him.

"I was in New York with my wife, who was running the New York Marathon (on Nov. 6, 2011),” said Schilling, who helped pitch the Red Sox to two World Series championships before arm injuries ended his career in 2008. "I was watching it and I had chest pains." He said he waited for her to finish the race because he "didn't think it was anything serious."

As soon as they returned to Boston, they went straight to a hospital . . . though they drove themselves and didn't take an ambulance.

"Ya, as stupid as that was," Schilling wrote in a text message. "My doctor made it clear that I was very, very, lucky."

The Globe reported that surgery was performed the next day to insert a stent and Schilling said the health scare changed his lifestyle "in every way possible."

He also said he thinks the attack was at least partially caused by 38 Studios, the video-game company he founded that went into bankruptcy in June 2012. Three hundred people lost their jobs, Schilling lost nearly $50 million of his own money, and Rhode Island taxpayers are on the hook for an estimated $100 million.

"It was so hard, because I had pushed and pushed and pushed" he said. "I had 300 families [of company employees] I had to take care of, including my own, and it failed.

"And I’ve lost a lot in my life but I’ve never failed at anything. I was going to [win] but I couldn’t get it done."

Shonda Schilling -- who said she was against the 38 Studios venture from the beginning -- is still concerned about her husband's health.

"I still worry because he has to let the guilt go," she says. "You cannot be hit with that many things and not have it affect you, I don’t care who it is."