As a rule, Matheny thinks Cards have edge at home

As a rule, Matheny thinks Cards have edge at home
October 26, 2013, 6:00 pm
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ST. LOUIS -- So now the World Series is in the National League city, and Mike Matheny's analysis is simple. 

Advantage: Cardinals.

"Fortunately for us, I think there's probably more of an adjustment for the American League team coming into the National League than vice-versa," said the Cardinals' manager. "There's a lot more moving parts with double‑switches and trying to put your roster together."

Another advantage for the Cards: Matheny thinks the adjustment wasn't as big for them in Boston.

"[We] went into an American League city kind of with an American League roster, with having another guy" -- the rehabbing Allen Craig -- "we knew we wanted to have as part of our lineup (as the DH)," said Matheny. "So that worked out pretty well."

But don't ask Matheny which set of rules he prefers.

"[We] don't spend a lot of time [thinking about it] because this is what we [have to deal with]," said Matheny. "And it's a challenge to put your roster together for an American League city. But when we get back home, our club is designed for a National League‑style play.

"And hopefully that goes into play during these next three games."