Rodriguez denies involvement in player leak

Rodriguez denies involvement in player leak
August 16, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Alex Rodriguez found himself in all-too-familiar territory Friday -- denying a story that further implicated his connection to a PED scandal.     

Meeting with reporters in the visitor's dugout two hours before the Red Sox and New York Yankees began their weekend series at Fenway Park, Rodriguez flatly denied a report by '60 Minutes'' that he -- or someone close to him -- had leaked the names of teammte Francisco Cervelli and Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun in connection to the Biogenesis clinic in south Florida.     

The Miami New Times, which obtained documents that linked Rodriguez and about a dozen other players to PED use through the clinic, never reported on the alleged involvement of Braun and Cervelli, as their names were redacted.     

But according to "60 Minutes,'' Rodriguez or someone in his circle, obtained unredacted documents and allegedly leaked those names to Yahoo! Sports.     

Rodriguez rejected the report outright.     

"I spoke to Cervelli this morning," said Rogdriguez. "He understands it's not true. We're on the same page.The most important thing is I spoke to Cervelli. Cervelli is like my brother. We fully understand it's not true."     

He also maintained that he would never turn on an opposing player, noting that all major leaguers are part of the same union and a brotherhood exists among them.     

"I've been a member of this union for 20 years," said Rodriguez. "It's important for me to know that -- and all the guys to understand -- that my loyalty is to this union. It would never happen and it didn't occur."      

Of the players suspended this month by commissioner Bud Selig, Rodriguez is the only one who has appealed his punishment. He was suspended 211 games, in part because MLB charged that he recruited other players to do business with Biogenesis, and later obstructed the investigation.     

To the displeasure of some opposing players -- including John Lackey of the Red Sox -- Rodriguez is continuing to play until his appeal is heard by an arbitrator.     

Such a hearing is unlikely to be heard until after the regular season.     

"Every day, expect a story like this, if not bigger," Rodriguez said. "It's going to get bigger every day. I would expect bigger and bigger stories to come out every day. It's frustrating that it's coming out one drip at a time. You wish all of this could be done in a (confidential) manner like the collective bargaining agreement says it should, but that's not the case. We're going to have to deal with it.     

"When I have the right platform at the right time and the time is appropriate -- which is not now -- I will tell my full story."