Price calls Ortiz and they have 'a good talk'

Price calls Ortiz and they have 'a good talk'
October 6, 2013, 6:15 pm
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ST. PETERBURG, Fla. -- After both players had left the ballpark late Saturday evening, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price called Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and the two had what Ortiz labeled "a good talk."

In his postgame comments in the immediate aftermath of Game 2 of the ALDS -- won by the Red Sox, 7-4 -- Price expressed anger that Ortiz had, in the pitcher's mind, admired his second homer of the game off the lefty, a solo shot in the bottom of the eighth inning.

In talking with reporters after the game, Price intimated that Ortiz had shown him by remaining in the batter's box and watching the ball land deep in the right field seats.

"He steps in the bucket and he hits a homer,'' said Price, "and he stares at it to see if it's fair or foul. I'm sure that's what he'd say. But as soon as he hit it and I saw it, I knew it was fair. Run."

Ortiz, who seemed stunned after the game when told of Price's allegation, maintained that he was unsure of whether the ball was going to hook foul or stay fair.

A number of fans on Twitter noted that Ortiz didn't let go of his bat until he knew the ball was fair. Traditionally, when Ortiz has "pimped" a homer, he flips his bat almost immediately.

"We had a good talk," said Ortiz, who declined to get into specifics about the conversation. "It's all good, man."

The two homers were the first two of Ortiz's career against Price. It also marked the first time that he had hit two homers in the same postseason game.