Price apologizes for Twitter outburst on Saturday

Price apologizes for Twitter outburst on Saturday
October 6, 2013, 3:00 pm
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David Price had a rough night Saturday. On the field, where he lost Game 2 to the Red Sox; in the postgame media interview, where he called out David Ortiz and called reporters "nerds"; on Twitter, where he blasted Tom Verducci and Dirk Hayhurst of Fox and got into back-and-forths with taunting fans that would have done talk radio proud.

So on Sunday, in the cool of a new day, he came to his senses:

The "if-I-offended-you" apology apparently confines itself to what transpired on Twitter, and not necessarily to Ortiz or the reporters who interviewed him Saturday night.

But what transpired on Twitter was bad enough, considering he said Verducci "wasn't even a water boy in high school" and ex-big leaguer Hayhurst "COULDN'T hack it" in MLB. Not to mention the listing of all the awards he won in college and the pros.