Predicting the ALDS roster

Predicting the ALDS roster
September 21, 2013, 2:30 pm
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As the postseason draws closer, the Red Sox have a lot of questions to answer in regards to how their roster will look.

Ryan Dempster has already said he is 'on board' with a move to the bullpen.

The Baseball Show panel discussed how they feel the roster should shake out for the Sox.  

Sean McAdam has heard the team is leaning towards having eleven pitchers on the postseason roster. Dan Shaughnessy believes that the team would be better suited only having ten pitchers on the roster.

"I think ten pitchers is enough in a five game series over seven days," discussed Shaughnessy, "It tells me that they are a little scared of that seventh and eighth inning.  There's reason for that, but I'd rather that eleventh guy be a position player."

Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam believes that Jackie Bradley Jr. would be a logical decision for the Red Sox.

"Bradley, to me, would seem to be more valuable to provide insurance against both Victorino and Ellsbury who have physical issues." said Sean McAdam.

Unlike Shaughnessy and McAdam, Merloni thinks it would be a smart move to have eleven pitchers on the roster.

"In the playoffs, it's about the bullpen." said Lou Merloni, "The seventh, eighth, and ninth inning.  That's where you win, that's where you lose in the playoffs.  Managers have a quicker hook in the playoffs, and it's more stressful innings for the starters.  If I have to pull a guy in the sixth, I want to have all of my arms.  That's where I think games are won and lost."