Playoff wrap: Here come the Yanks

Playoff wrap: Here come the Yanks
September 5, 2013, 6:15 am
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Now that the baseball pennant races are heading into the home stretch, we'll be here each weekday with a wrapup of the previous night's action. Here's what happened on Wednesday night, September 4:

A.L. EAST: Red Sox (84-57) lead Rays (77-61) by 5 1/2 games

  • Red Sox 20, Tigers 4: I was there on the Fourth of July 36 years ago, when the Sox last hit eight homers in a game. ( And now everything old is new again ( . . . though I must admit, doing it against the defending American League champs (and odds-on favorite to win the pennant again this year) is a lot more impressive than doing it on a steamy mid-summer afternoon with the wind blowing out against an expansion pitching staff. The other weird note: The '77 Sox scored nine runs on their eight homers. The '13 Sox scored 20.

  • Rays 3, Angels 1: Looks like Wil Myers is breaking out of his slump. So is Tampa Bay. (AP)

A.L. WEST: Rangers (80-59) and A's (80-59) are tied for first

  • A's 11, Rangers 4: Oakland gets stiffed one night by Martin Perez, then routs Yu Darvish on the next. Go figure. (AP)

A.L. WILD CARD: A's/Rangers and Rays hold top two spots; Yankees (75-64, 2 1/2 games behind Tampa Bay), Indians (74-65, 3 1/2 games back), Orioles (73-65, 4 games back), and Royals (72-67, 5 1/2 games back) in the hunt

  • Yankees 6, White Sox 5: That's 17 out of the last 24 for the Yanks. (AP) Can you imagine the angst that would be running through these parts if we were back in Curse of the Bambino days?

  • Indians 6, Orioles 4: Chicken was a symbol of Terry Francona's final-season failure in Boston. Will it now be a symbol of his first-season success in Cleveland? (AP)

  • Mariners 6, Royals 4: Can't be losing to Seattle at home when you're on the outskirts of the wild-card chase and have three teams to climb over, boys. (AP)

N.L. CENTRAL/WILD CARD: Pirates (81-58) lead Cardinals (80-59) by 1 game and Reds (78-62) by 3 1/2