Player survey reveals mixed emotions on A-Rod

Player survey reveals mixed emotions on A-Rod
August 27, 2013, 4:30 pm
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When Ryan Dempster beaned Alex Rodriguez early in a game between the Red Sox and the Yankees last week, some assumed the right-hander was acting in the name of all of the clean players in baseball who were disgusted at A-Rod's tarnishing of the sport.

Well, whatever the case, the supposed widespread player anger toward the third basement apparently doesn't exist.

ESPN the Magazine conducted a survey of 36 anonymous MLB pitchers in regards to their feelings toward A-Rod.

The exercise consisted of nine questions, only one of which was answered by every single participant, the rest coming in between 24 and 35 responses.

So, what exactly did this survey uncover?

For one, all 35 respondents to the question "Do you want to bean Alex Rodriguez?" answered "No", an indication that major league pitchers were of the persuasion that Dempster's actions lacked the class expected of professional athletes.

In addition, 30 of the 36 believed Rodriguez deserves to play during the appeal process. This does not necessarily imply he is innocent of any wrongdoing, but that such a right was one collectively bargained for by the players themselves.

Despite these favorable statements though, great animosity does exist toward the once idolized slugger.

When prompted regarding A-Rod's suspension, 88 percent agreed he should be out of action for at least 75 games, with 36 percent siding with the current 211-game or the harsher punishment of a lifetime ban.

Even Ryan Braun, the guy who sent out a statement as an apology in his own disgraceful suspension and claimed anti-Semitism in regards to his first skirmish with PEDs, came out better to the slate of pitchers polled.

Of 31 respondents, 42 percent preferred Braun as a teammate, Rodriguez 29 (another 29 voted for neither).

So, what does this all mean?

At the very least pitchers are not willing to go as far as beaning A-Rod but don't disguise a severe disappointment in his actions.

It is only a small sample size of MLB talent, but for now it is all we have for the true feelings colleagues harbor toward Alex Rodriguez.