Ortiz interrupts again, but this time as a joke

Ortiz interrupts again, but this time as a joke
September 19, 2013, 5:45 pm
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So how different are things at Fenway Park these days?

Two years ago, an angry David Ortiz interrupted a Terry Francona press conference to profanely complain to the then-manager about a scoring decision that cost him an RBI . . . an indication, some felt, of the clubhouse dysfunction that became more apparent during the team's September collapse and then burst into full flower during Bobby Valentine's disastrous year at the helm.

Things are far more harmonious off the field -- and successful on it -- this season under John Farrell. And Ortiz provided another symbol of that change Thursday afternoon.

He once again came through the door during the manager's press conference and told the assembled media, "That scorekeeper is full of [expletive]." Then he smiled and said, "I'm just [bleeping] with you all," and disappeared to an eruption of laughter.

"Flashbacks," CSNNE.com's Sean McAdam told a smiling Farrell.

It was. A flashback of how bad things were before . . . and a reminder of how good they are now.