MLB's most unwanted teammates

MLB's most unwanted teammates
August 12, 2013, 11:00 pm
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The 2013 Red Sox have represented a unit comprised of talent and togetherness, a combination of skill and camaraderie that has blossomed into a creation that currently sports the American League's best record.

Enough of the positives though. In the midst of the dog days of summer, a time largely occupied by a sports' fan's boredom, some juicy topics need to be added to the mix.

How about compiling a list of the most unwanted teammates in all of Major League Baseball?

This was the task Marc Bertrand and the Boston Globe's Chris Gasper undertook on the Show Monday night, using touchscreen technology to display the three players they would each least like to see on their squads.

Gasper offered the recently disgraced Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez but made a less obvious choice for his third selection. That would be Alfredo Aceves, the former Red Sox reliever. Aceves was known to be quite difficult and, combined with poor play, it eventually led to his dismissal from the organization.

As for Bertrand, he dug further into the scope of baseball's bad guys. Two-thirds of his trio consisted of A.J. Pierzynski and Nyjer Morgan, a pair of  players whose names aren't so obvious in this aspect based on recent news.

Yet, he did agree with Gasper on A-Rod, because, well, that would have been too glaring an omission.

Overall, Gasper and Bertrand offered a diverse list that also included the obvious characters. What are your takes on the subject? Did they miss any guys you would especially loath to play with? Tell us in the comments section below.