Merloni: 'Sky is the limit' for Bogaerts

Merloni: 'Sky is the limit' for Bogaerts
August 3, 2013, 3:30 pm
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After Jose Iglesias was shipped out of town for Jake Peavy, as Michael Holley said, "the hype machine is going pretty strong for Xander Bogaerts."

Is he a shortstop or a third baseman going forward?  Lou Merloni doesn't know what position he will be playing, but he thinks Bogaerts is ready for big things.

"I think he's a superstar." said Lou Merloni, "Whether he can play shortstop or third base, I think offensively the sky is the limit as he continues to improve."

Is Bogaerts ready for the big leagues?

"It's happening so quickly to the point where a month ago, to where he is right now." continued Merloni, "I think they look at him and say, 'you know what? Hold on now, this guy can help you out right now.'"

In 45 games for the Pawtucket Red Sox this season, Bogaerts has hit .285 with 8 home runs and 24 RBI.