Merloni: Forget grinding, attack Kelly, Lynn

Merloni: Forget grinding, attack Kelly, Lynn
October 26, 2013, 2:00 am
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The Red Sox have shown a pretty clear pattern over the last two weeks. 

Grind out at-bats and get into the bullpen. 

Lou Merloni says you won't see it in Game 3.

"This grind it out approach is for the great ones," said Merloni. 

Pitchers like Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez, Michael Wacha, Adam Wainwright.

"But against Joe Kelly (Game 3 starter) and against Lance Lynn (Game 4 starter)? If you're gonna put it in there I'm not gonna give you the respect to try to grind it out," says Merloni. "I'm gonna try to pour some runs on." 

Marc Bertrand agrees that the bats must swing early and often in Game 3.

"You want to be up against the starter," says Bertrand. "You want to be aggressive at the plate. You want to be able to put some runs on the board. And try to see how much longer you can keep that going before you do get into that bullpen." 

After what felt like two straight weeks of facing Cy Young candidates, the Sox will face two pitchers in the next two games who are outside of the pantheon of elite pitchers. 

"When you face mediocre guys, and by no means are these guys mediocre, they're still good, you go out there and you pound the hell out of them early on if they want to put it down the middle," says Merloni.

Bottom line? The Sox will be swinging on Saturday.