McAdam: Give Lackey 'credit' for bouncing back

McAdam: Give Lackey 'credit' for bouncing back
September 21, 2013, 2:00 pm
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John Lackey is one of many great stories for the Boston Red Sox this season.

The Baseball Show panel discussed how impressive John Lackey's 2013 season has been, considering the market he plays in.

"The thing with John Lackey that really is amazing, he's had an amazing year, usually in this town once the media and the fanbase kinda get their fangs in you, it's over, done, it's time to move on. " explained Lou Merloni, "I can't remember the last athlete in this city that went through what John Lackey has gone through as far as perception and how people felt about him, and been able to turn it around."

Sean McAdam agrees with Merloni, and feels Lackey deserves a lot of credit for his successful rebound.

"It's beyond fixing in this market." explained Sean McAdam, "They need to cut their losses, eat the salary and get what they can for him because he's not going to be able to ever succeed in this market with what's gone on, and the perception. Give him credit for what he did."