Matheny on Lester's glove: 'Dead issue'

Matheny on Lester's glove: 'Dead issue'
October 24, 2013, 6:45 pm
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BOSTON – After a Cardinals minor leaguer tweeted his question that Red Sox lefty Jon Lester may have been using Vaseline on his pitches in Game 1, the Red Sox denied that an illegal substance was used.
Cardinals manager Mike Matheny was asked if he thought Lester was using a foreign substance, and also if he subscribed to the belief that teams don’t want to call attention to opposing pitchers because their own pitcher may be using something, too.
“I guess I'll answer both questions at once and just say this has caught a lot of attention here lately,” Matheny said. “Just to reiterate the fact that this was not instigated by us.  And the way that we approach this is we just play the game.  We don't deny that some things have been acknowledged.  And if that's what he claims, then that's what it is.  That's all there is to it.  And right now it's pretty much a dead issue.  We move on with the fact that the League now has to take notice.  But once again, this wasn't something that was instigated by us.

“You realize the ramifications of that, if we started going down that path, would just be trying to make excuses for a pitcher having a very good game against us and us not getting the job done.  And that's not the kind of team we are.  So we see what happens, we make note of it and we just keep playing.”
Asked if he thought the rules regarding which substances are acceptable to use on a baseball, Matheny replied:
“The rules are the rules.  And it's the responsibility of the league if they notice something that looks out of character; they've got to jump on it.  I'm not part of the Rules Committee to start making changes here.  Once again, when something becomes noticed, it's addressed and I think it's been taken care of.”