Lowe, Martinez come to Lester's defense

Lowe, Martinez come to Lester's defense
October 24, 2013, 8:30 pm
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BOSTON -- Controversy arose after Game 1 when a Cardinals minor leaguer speculated that Red Sox starter Jon Lester was using an illegal substance on his pitches. But his accusations didn't resonate with two members of the 2004 Red Sox, Derek Lowe and Pedro Martinez.

“I don't know how it's not legal, in all seriousness,” Lowe said. “ Everyone has pine tar. Hitters have pine tar, they have it all over themselves, it helps them hold the bat, right? . . . But what's the difference if you have pine tar in your glove or what a lot of people do is just put gobs and gobs of hair spray in their hair, and they do this (running hands through hair), and you're going to get the same result, but that's legal.

“I think the whole pine tar thing, now I agree if we're not doctoring the ball as far as sandpaper, but I don't want to say everyone does it. Someone's going to have it on their hats or belts, somewhere. Exactly what you said. We're playing in October, it's 32 degrees out. I mean, what he did ‑‑ I'm not saying he did. I saw like four seconds of it. I have zero problem with. And I promise you, again, it's been going on for a long time. I think, again, they should just make it legal. And no way, no form does it have anything to do with cheating.”

“Well, as a pitcher, I'm going to say one thing, and as a baseball player, as well, I was never fond of doing anything illegal for baseball,” Martinez said. “I would burn the resin bag. I don't know if you guys know that the resin bag is sticky. If you manage to get some humidity on your hands and you rub it off against your uniform, it gets sticky. That's pretty much what we need. I was a feel pitcher, pretty much.

“But like Derek says, anything could work to get you ‑‑ you can grab a bat and it's full of pine tar, and you can just go and feel your hands sticky. It's just so many things that you probably do. Even not realizing that you're doing it. But if we all watch baseball and we watch what happened last night, it's not about what he had in his glove, it's about how bad St. Louis came out to play. They did not execute. They did not do anything right, and Lester had everything going on for him. That's all you had to look at, St. Louis was flat. Lester had his good stuff and he beat them. That's it. Clean and simple. That's it.”