Lackey irked that A-Rod is playing despite suspension

Lackey irked that A-Rod is playing despite suspension
August 16, 2013, 9:30 am
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With the Yankees -- and Alex Rodriguez -- coming to town, John Lackey said Thursday he doesn't think A-Rod should be playing after being suspended for PED use.

"I’ve got a problem with it. You bet I do," said Lackey on Thursday in Toronto, as reported by Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe. "How is he still playing? He obviously did something and he’s playing. I’m not sure that’s right."

Lackey's stance reflects a growing feeling among players that it's time to weed the PED users out of the game.

"A lot of the motivation for the testing has come from players," he said. "We want it to be an even playing field and we want the game cleaned up as much as anybody.

"We’re tired of hearing about it. We want it to be about baseball and not about that kind of stuff. Players want to see it out of the game so it’s not a subject. The focus should be back on the baseball."

Lackey's irritation with Rodriguez goes beyond his most recent suspension, the 211-game ban that A-Rod is appealing.

“It’s pretty evident he’s been doing stuff for a lot of years I’ve been facing him . . . He took me deep the first time I faced him as a rookie (in 2002) and he admitted to doing stuff back then," said Lackey, who'll pitch Saturday against the Yanks. "There are a lot of things I want back from him.”

One consolation for Lackey, though, is the treatment A-Rod will be receiving this weekend.

"I think I know what kind of reception he’s going to get at Fenway," Lackey said.