John Farrell plays 'Game Roulette'

John Farrell plays 'Game Roulette'
November 1, 2013, 11:00 pm
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Red Sox manager John Farrell joins Gary Tanguay and Jessica Moran on "Uno Sports Tonight" and plays "Game Roulette."

First up is "Over/Under." What was Farrell's preseason prediction for Red Sox victories, over or under 88?

"90," the manager said.

Next is "Fill In The Blank." The Red Sox unsung hero this season was ______________?

"Ben Cherington," was Farrell's answer, paying tribute to his GM. If he had to choose a player? Farrell said he would go with Daniel Nava.

Finally, and famously, it's "Take Your Pick." Who's got the best beard of all those famous Sox whiskers?

In a surprise choice, Farrell went with non-roster bullpen catcher Brian Abraham. "I couldn't go with the Johnny Gomes look," Farrell said. And of Mike Napoli's beard, he said, "That's not a beard, it's a handle for a chin."