It all goes wrong for Sox in 7th

It all goes wrong for Sox in 7th
October 25, 2013, 2:45 am
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BOSTON – The bridge the Red Sox had been building so far this postseason from their starting pitchers to closer Koji Uehara had been so solid. It showed some cracks in Game 2 of the World Series in a 4-2 loss to the Cardinals at Fenway Park.
Craig Breslow allowed both runners he inherited from John Lackey to score. He has now allowed two of our inherited runners to score in the postseason. In the regular season, he allowed 12 of 40, or 30 percent, of his inherited runners to score.
Lackey was charged with the loss, while Breslow was charged with a blown save.
“Bres has been awesome for us this year,” Lackey said. “I can’t wait to see him get back out there, because he’s been so good for us and you can’t go wrong with putting that guy on the mound.”
Breslow replaced Lackey with runners on first and second and one out in the seventh inning and the Sox leading by a run. Breslow entered to face Cards No. 9 hitter, left-handed Daniel Descalso.  Then a double-steal put runners on second and third, before Breslow walked Descalso to load the bases.  He gave up a sacrifice fly to Matt Carpenter, scoring David Freese to tie the score.  But it quickly turned into  a Little League play.
Jonny Gomes throw to the plate was up the first-base line, and got away from catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, with John Jay advancing to third, for one error.
“It was a shallow fly ball that Jonny got to,” Saltalamacchia said.  “The throw took me a little bit to the right. I tried to kind of lean for it. One of those plays you’re kind of do or die. I probably could have held onto the ball, but at the time, we’re trying to get the out.
“It just popped out of my glove. It was one of those where he didn’t have a good jump, so I might have gotten big-eyed. That’s the way it goes. You turn the page and go to the next one.

“He would have been out if I could have transferred the ball and made a good throw.“

Breslow, backing up at the plate, attempted to throw Jay out at third, but his throw sailed into the stands behind third base, with Jay scoring on the error, giving St. Louis the lead.
“It just kind of sailed on me,” Breslow said of his throw to third. “ I looked up and saw that I definitely had a play there. I didn’t make a good throw.
“I think I definitely had a play there. I felt like it was a play worth making a throw.

 “I’ve made a throw of that distance before.”
After Breslow gave up a single to Carlos Beltran, scoring Descalso for an insurance run, his outing was done. Junichi Tazawa replaced him, retiring Matt Holliday on a groundout to end the inning.
Before the series, Sox manager John Farrell said he would be surprised if players weren’t feeling some butterflies entering the World Series. This has been Breslow’s first postseason experience, and this game was his first World Series appearance.
“Obviously, I’m aware of what’s at stake,” Breslow said. “It’s my first time pitching in this situation.”
“They’re a good team,” Saltalamacchia said. “You can’t take ‘em lightly. It’s not like we were going to sweep ‘em. They’re going to put up a fight. They’re not going to lay down.
The Sox now go to St. Louis, with the Series tied at 1, for three games at Busch Stadium.
“Just in terms of the series, we fully expected this to be a hard-fought series,” Farrell said. “Not surprising that we're in this position we are.  In the seventh inning, we kind of contributed to the three runs allowed.

“I thought John Lackey threw the ball very well.  The lead‑off walk starts to get things going for them.  After the base hit to Jay, felt like we were in a pretty good situation for a matchup.  And then unfortunately the walk and the errant throw, that's the one in looking back, I'm sure Craig would like to have that ball back and hold it with a chance to shut down the inning right there.  We give them the run.  And then Beltran, which we wanted to hit from the right side of the plate with a 3‑1 pitch, ads an insurance run to it.  Uncharacteristic of the way I think we've taken care of the baseball this year.  And it contributed to the three runs.”