How much are the Sox willing to pay Ellsbury?

How much are the Sox willing to pay Ellsbury?
September 14, 2013, 3:30 pm
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Jacoby Ellsbury's impending free agency remains a hot topic on The Baseball Show.

The panel discussed what it would take to keep Jacoby Ellsbury in Boston.

"I'm not saying nine figures is the demarcation line, but it's somewhere around there. It's also tied into the number of year." said Sean McAdam, "I think they would have to swallow hard to go more that five (years)"

Lou Merloni doesn't see Ellsbury returning to Boston.

"I don't see how he doesn't go to Seattle, to be perfectly honest with you." said Merloni, "That team is dying for offense it just seems like the fit."

With Pedroia's new deal, the Red Sox could potentially go all in with Ellsbury.  Sean McAdam believes that could be the biggest factor, the fact that the team knows Ellsbury can play in the high pressure situation in Boston.

"He doesn't always embrace the whole 'baseball life' in Boston.  I think some of it, frankly, bothers him.  He's not thrilled with it, but he can survive it." argued McAdam, "That was the lesson with Carl Crawford… You can do all that research and still get it wrong.  Because he's not here.  He has not existed in the fish bowl.  Ellsbury has."