How Farrell's past 48 hours have been

How Farrell's past 48 hours have been
November 1, 2013, 9:15 pm
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Red Sox manager John Farrell talks with Jessica Moran and Gary Tanguay on "Uno Sports Tonight" and discusses the crazy past 48 hours since the Sox won the World Series.

A little recovery," Farrell said. "Actually, a lot of recovery."

Still, Farrell said he was back at his Fenway Park office on Friday. He said he met with a number of players, who will will disperse after the parade on Saturday.

Farrell said coming out of Game 4 with a victory to tie the Series was key.

He said it was during a sleepless night after Game 4 when he realized the Sox were in pretty good shape.

"After Game 4, about 4:30 in the morning, just thinking about where we had come through all this year," Farrell said. "There was, not a guarantee, but a real strong thought that we were going to win this. Particularly after Game 4 there was so much surrounding Clay Buchholz's status. To even up that series at 2, knowing we had Jon Lester in Game 5 and we were coming home to Fenway, after Game 4 it became really clear in my mind we were going to win this World Series."