'Hash it out': Collapse not included

'Hash it out': Collapse not included
September 3, 2013, 1:30 am
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The panel on The Show presented their final Hash it Out topics of the season.  

Like an old toy that used to be labeled "batteries not included, Chris Gasper says that the Red Sox season is #collapsenotincluded.  

"I feel like so many people all year long are sort of waiting for the Red Sox to fall off." explained Gasper, "I think what led to that collapse in 2011 was poor starting pitching.  I think if they can get Buchholz back, and the way guys are pitching now, they're better positioned.  They're not going to have that collapse."

Going with the same theme as Gasper, Trenni isn't waiting for a collapse with #ImABeliever

"They've given me no reason not to believe," said Trenni, "Every time you think this team has hit a speed bump and come to a screeching halt, they don't."

Rich Levine says that every game is important with #24GamesToGlory

"These 23 games are going to decide how you're feeling going into the playoffs."

Marc Bertrand believes that this is an important series between the Red Sox and Tigers because it could potentially be an #ALCSPreview.

 "I think that is what we are looking at this week. I think this series is an ALCS preview.  I think both of these teams are going to meet again in these playoffs." said Bertrand, "This is an important series, just to get an idea of what it might look like in the playoffs for the Red Sox."