Hardy vs. Holley on A-Rod vs. Dempster

Hardy vs. Holley on A-Rod vs. Dempster
August 26, 2013, 12:45 am
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It's the most talked-about sports topic in Boston in recent weeks: Ryan Dempsters plunking Alex Rodriguez.

And The Sports Hub's Rob Hardy is tired of this whole charade. 

"Can we get off of how stupid it was? It was one pitch, well it was four pitches, in one game in August," Hardy said. "You know what, Dempster doesn't like A-Rod, nobody likes A-Rod, so he hit him. Move on with our lives."

Indeed, it was but one game of 162 in the regular season. Some have contended, though, that this intentional move cost the Red Sox the game against the Yankees and, in a tight division race, any particular loss could haunt this squad. 

Hardy doesn't subscribe to Dempster's actions facilitating a Yankees win, but WEEI's Michael Holley is less forgiving of the righty's decision-making.

"Ryan Dempster, you've got a 2-0 lead, you've got a 4.77 ERA, you're not special, you can't put guys on base. You're not good enough to get out of that situation," Holley said. "So instead of thinking about getting the Yankees out, his first thought in the second inning was 'I'm going to hit A-Rod'…Get your mind right Ryan Dempster, think about getting this guy out instead of exacting some type of justice against Alex Rodriguez."

What is your take on the issue? Is the A-Rod-Dempster talk stale? Was Dempster's wild throwing an egregious mistake or a minor blip? Offer your thoughts in the comments section below.