Gomes: I don't think A-Rod should play

Gomes: I don't think A-Rod should play
August 5, 2013, 10:00 pm

HOUSTON — Alex Rodriguez is appealing his 211-game suspension, which would otherwise begin Thursday. The Sox and Yankees have nine games remaining this season, including three Aug. 16-18 at Fenway Park. His performance in those games, as well in whatever games he plays for the Yankees for rest of the season, could affect the pennant race.

That has some Red Sox players, including outfielder Jonny Gomes, a little miffed. As far as he's concerned, Rodriguez shouldn't be in the lineup.
“I don’t think so,” Gomes said, when asked if Rodriguez should be allowed to play. “I couldn’t imagine being the pitcher, just knowing this guy is on or has done steroids. That’s not an equal battle right there. So I don’t know how that would really work out. Good thing I don’t pitch. But, yeah, it doesn’t make much sense that he’s still playing.”
Manager John Farrell won't spend time worrying about it, but acknowledges that Rodriguez could in fact play a role in altering the pennant race while appealing his suspension.

"I think we do whatever we can to maintain that integrity," Farrell said. "The guidelines are in place that exist. I know he’s got a process in which he can use, the appeal process. So that’s something that’s completely out of our control."

The players union will support Rodriguez in his appeal, as required as part of the due process. Ironically, the dues from players who would prefer that Rodriguez not be playing could be used to fund his appeal.
“We do pay dues that go to our union that pay for our union guys to battle for our insurance, pension, travel around and make sure we’re doing OK,” Gomes said. “That’s where our dues go. So I hope our dues don’t really go to his lawyer fees. But I think there’s still so much info we don’t know about all that. But glad he’ll be out of the game.”