Farrell won't say who he prefers in ALDS

Farrell won't say who he prefers in ALDS
October 1, 2013, 6:30 pm
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BOSTON -- Asked if he had a preference whom he would rather face in the ALDS, Tampa Bay or Cleveland, Red Sox manager John Farrell wouldn't bite.

“No," he answered Tuesday. "Not right now.”

But he plans to watch the game on Wednesday night.

“I’m a fan of the game, first and foremost,” he said. “What individual things might come out of that, yeah, you’re going to take note of that. I think throughout the course of the game . . . [you begin to think about] with the opponent that might emerge and how you best match up, how the pitching matchups look like, what is the team going to throw at us, how does that begin to make out the lineup that I would start to envision. We haven’t deviated far off right-handed vs. left-handed [to this point]. But it will be looked upon with interest.

“We have plenty of notes.”